Happy First Day of Fall!

An “equinox” is a day in which the hours of sunlight and nighttime are relatively the same. There are two each year, and one is happening right now! Today is the autumnal equinox—also known as the first day of fall. Today is the day that you can finally drink your pumpkin spice coffee without shame and cozy up in a comfy sweater.

Did you know that the first day of fall changes from year to year? Although the equinox is typically on September 22nd or 23rd, every once in a blue moon it falls on September 21st or 24th. Regardless of the day, cultures around the world celebrate the autumnal equinox with specials holidays and festivals. Although those bashes might look a little different this year (or even be completely virtual), it’s still worth spending some time today welcoming autumn! Maybe today is the perfect time to go pumpkin-picking or bake up your first apple pie. How will you say hello to fall?