Streateries Bring the Best of Outdoor Dining to DC

In an effort to get back in the swing of things, the city has made special allowances for local eateries to expand (or debut) their outdoor seating areas. New and improved “streateries” are popping up all along the Capitol Riverfront as a result, offering safe, socially distanced options for dining out.

Want to grab a local craft beer and a burger? Bluejacket Brewery has officially opened its patio with plenty of space for you to enjoy the pints and bites. Not far away, Atlas Brew Works slings more suds and thin-crust pizzas, sharing space along Half Street with Coldstone Creamery. Keep an eye out for more announcements about new streateries—North Street, Southeast will soon host a few more, and the restaurants at 1221 Van should have some exciting news in the near future!