Craving Pizza Tonight at 909? Order From Side Door Pizza!

Tucked away between 909’s lobby and Scarlet Oak, there’s a new spot to go on pizza night. It’s called Side Door Pizza, and it’s serving up pies big enough to feed your entire family. Right now, it’s open from 5 to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Monday for takeout only.

The shop specializes in rectangular Detroit-style pizzas and, as it has just opened up, you’ll only have to choose between a couple of options right now. Go with the classic cheese featuring a chewy, slightly crispy crust loaded with Wisconsin Brick and mozzarella cheese. A hefty drizzle of marinara sauce decorates the top. Or try the pie topped with tons of mini pepperonis. Add a can of Coke or Sprite to round out your tasty meal from Side Door Pizza.