Happening Now Near Your Apartment at 909: Crystalline at ARTECHOUSE DC

The color view evokes the ebbing ocean waves, the clear summer sky, the ethereal world of crystals hiding beneath the earth’s surface. Crystalline at ARTECHOUSE DC will explore all three, and the other connections this color has to the earth, in honor of PANTONE’s color of the year which is, you guessed it, blue. More specifically, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Now through January 3rd, come to ARTECHOUSE DC to walk through a wondrous world of blues that depicts different calming aspects of nature. PANTONE selected this shade specifically for its soothing properties—hoping to ignite a feeling in stark contrast to the current chaos of the world. So it can’t hurt to be totally swathed in the hue for an hour or two. 

Buy your tickets online for a designated day and time, mask up, and then come to ARTECHOUSE to enjoy the socially distanced exhibit. If you come on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you can enjoy a to-go cocktail or mocktail from a local restaurant! Private bookings are also available if you’d rather keep the outing to a close group of family or friends.