Sandlot Southeast Is Now Open Near Your Apartment at 909

If you’re looking for a safe spot to grab a drink, there’s a new one just a few blocks from your doorstep. Sandlot Southeast boasts a whopping 5,000 square feet of outdoor space situated around a walk-up bar contained within a repurposed shipping container. The stylish, modern bar is part of Navy Yard, and is joined by a sister event space and dog park.

This quirky bar specializes in cocktails crafted using freshly pressed juices. You can sit down at one of the tables in the covered outdoor space and order cocktails to your table directly from your phone, order them to-go, or walk up to the window and grab them quickly. Sandlot Southeast also serves up craft beers, wines, and spirits. And if you want to enjoy a Nationals game near the field, you can also “tailgate” at Sandlot Southeast with one of its specials food and drink packages, which start at $200. Note that online reservations are required if you intend to sit down at Sandlot Southeast.