Chow Down on Wisconsin-Style Pies at Side Door Pizza

Wisconsin brick cheese is buttery, salty, and, unsurprisingly, shaped like a brick. It’s a common ingredient in Midwestern cuisine, but not typically found on the East Coast. Side Door Pizza is changing that. This new pop-up takeout window has brick cheese shipped directly from Wisconsin in order to make its Detroit-style pies taste authentic—and rave reviews indicate that it’s doing the trick.

Side Door Pizza is open for takeout nightly from 5 to 9 p.m., or whenever the pizza sells out. And it does tend to sell out. The good news? It’s super easy for you to pick up your preorder since Side Door happens to be tucked into the alley right next to 909’s main entrance. Check out the online menu to see what’s cooking tonight. Classics like rectangular cheese and pepperoni pizzas are always available—both loaded with a mix of Wisconsin brick and mozzarella cheese, plus house-made tomato sauce. But you might also see other options like mushroom or Hawaiian pies. You can also grab an alcoholic libation (beer or spiked seltzer) or some soda to go with your pizza.