Petit Monde Bistro & Cafe: A Local Favorite Near 909

With fall in full swing, warm drinks and comfort foods are top priorities for most people, and brunch is no exception. Petit Monde Bistro & Cafe will deliver those cozy qualities and more with their weekend brunch, a local favorite, or a visit to the cafe at any time. 

Conveniently located in the Woodley Park area, Petit Monde offers ambiance, taste, and a smile. The brunch menu is particularly well-loved, offering breakfast sandwiches and burgers, eggs, salads, waffles, and salmon—along with a range of delicious drinks. All of the above comes with glowing reviews, too. Yelp user Katie M., for example, writes of her trip with her boyfriend, “We were both really pleased with the quality and price of our food (& our coffee) – will definitely be making this a regular brunch spot.”

If you’re not a fan of brunch, Petit Monde offers an extensive menu otherwise, through their bistro and cafe selections. Braised beef short ribs? They’ve got them. French onion soup? Yes! Mussels or tuna tartare? Yes and yes. The cafe is particularly notable for its delicious pizza. One reviewer calls it “The best place in the area to get gelato, coffee, and oven-fired pizzas,” so you know it’s going to be good.